July 4 - 8, 2004, Saarbruecken, Germany

Introduction & Scope


Following the first four successful ICCG meetings, the 5th ICCG conference will be again organized in Saarbruecken/Germany. The focus of the conference is to bring together scientists, technologists, practitioners and managers from universities, research institutes, coating manufacturers, material and equipment suppliers and user industries to discuss the latest developments in the field of large-area glass and plastic coating.

Scope of the Conference

The application of coatings is an area which became extremely important for large-area or high-volume products.

This conference focuses on the development and application of advanced coatings on glass and plastic substrates using all available multidisciplinary approach to realize a final coated product. It provides information on the different technologies at a general level for new product designers, as well as technical aspects, safety measures, and environmental and economic consequences.

Also, for the first time, special sessions will be dedicated to characterization and quality control methods and to "photocatalytic films", the latter being held as a panel discussion. The conference will have no parallel sessions. About 20 invited and keynote lectures from well-known experts will be presented together with about 45 oral contributions as well as posters.

Prior to the conference on Sunday July 4 afternoon a General Introductory Course with 7 lectures is offered covering fundamental coating and characterization techniques. A technical exhibition on products, materials and equipment is accompanying the conference from Monday to Thursday (July 5 - 8).

1st ICCG, Saarbruecken, September 1996

Conference Series

The ICCG has in turn been organized by INM (Saarbruecken), TNO TPD (Maastricht) and Fraunhofer IST-FEP (Braunschweig) representing a successful and accepted series of conferences.

1996 Saarbruecken, D October 27 - 31
1998 Saarbruecken, D September 6 - 10
2000 Maastricht, NL October 29 - November 2
2002 Braunschweig, D November, 3 - 7
2004 Saarbruecken, D July, 4 - 8